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1. Remove belt and install the Clutch Offset Alignment Tool (PN 2870654) as shown.
2. With tool touching rear of driven clutch inner sheave, the distance at point “A” should be 1/8″. If the distance is greater than 1/8″ or less than 1/16″, clutch alignment must be adjusted as follows:
3. Remove drive and driven clutch. See PVT Disassembly in Service Manaul.
4. Remove PVT inner cover.
5. Loosen all engine mounts. Move front of engine to the right or left slightly until alignment is correct.
6. Tighten engine mounts and verify alignment is correct.
7. Measure belt deflection and measure offset both above and below sheave centerlines. Adjust if necessary.

NOTE: On some models, minor adjustments can be made by adding shims between the frame and front lower left engine mount to increase the distance at point “A”. If a shim is present, it can be removed to decrease the distance at point “A”.


Important: Inspect clutch alignment and center distance before adjusting offset.

1. Install offset alignment tool as shown. Offset is correct when rear of tool contacts rear of inner sheave with driven clutch pushed completely inward on shaft and bolt torqued. Adjust offset by
adding or removing spacer washers between back of driven clutch and spacer as shown.


1. Apply and hold downward pressure on the helix, or place driven clutch in the Clutch Compression Tool (PN 8700220).
2. Remove snap ring retainer.
3. Note the location of the spring and remove helix.
4. Note the location of the spring in the moveable sheave, and remove the spring.
5. Check alignment of tabs on spring. Replace the spring if tabs aremisaligned or the spring coils are distorted.
6. Inspect ramp buttons in themoveable sheaveand replace if worn. NOTE: The ramp buttons are secured by Torxt screws (T20).
7. Remove moveable sheave and note the number of spacer washers. One spacer must remain between the sheaves when adjusting belt deflection.
8. Inspect the Teflont coating on the moveable sheave bushing.
9. Inspect driven clutch faces for wear or damage.
10. Clean and inspect splines on helix and transmission input shaft.
11. Lube splines with a light film of grease. Do not lubricate the bushings!


1. Install moveable sheave with spacer washers. Important: At least one spacer washer must be installed. Teflont bushings are self-lubricating. Do not apply oil or grease to the bushings.
2. Install spring, inserting spring tab into proper hole in moveable sheave.
3. Insert spring tab into proper hole in helix. The driven clutch, helix/moveable assembly has several different spring locations which affect clutch
shifting and RPMs. The greatest amount of spring tension will raise engine RPMs during clutch upshift and allow quicker backshift or downshift when pulling or negotiating a hill, for example. The least amount of tension will create a slower downshift and a harder upshift.
4. Line up boss spline and push helix down until it engages the splines 1/2″ to 3/4″.
5. While holding downward pressure on helix, wind moveable sheave counterclockwise approximately 1/3 turn (120°).
6. Push helix into place and install snap ring.

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