Suzuki 50 HP Outboard 4-Stroke Service Manual


This 2001 Suzuki 50hp Outboard 4-Stroke Engine service manual download describes the service procedures for the complete motor. Follow the Engine maintenance schedule recommendations to ensure that the motor is in peak operating condition and the emission levels are with in the standards set by states/county Resources Board. Performing the scheduled maintenance on your suzuki outboard engine is very important. It compensates for the initial wear that occurs during the life of the motor.
All chapters in this Suzuki 2001 DF50 horsepower motor service manual applies to the whole engine and illustrates procedures for the removal and installation of components that are in a detailed step-by-step fashion.
Most all 2001 Suzuki 50hp outboard engine service manual chapters start with an assembly or systems illustration, diagrams, exploded parts view, quality pictures, service information and troubleshooting for the section. The subsequent pages give detailed service/repair procedures. If you don't know the source of the trouble, go to the troubleshooting page for a list of causes and effects to determine the problem.
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1. Before starting, inspect the motor thoroughly for signs of obvious leaks, damage and loose or missing components. Make repairs, as necessary.
2. If Suzuki Carbon Guard of equivalent is not used consistently with each fill-up, remove carbon from the pistons and combustion chamber after every 50 hours of operation. Refer to the De-carboning the Pistons in this section.
3. Perform a compression check to make sure the motor is mechanically ready for a tune-up. An engine with low compression on one or more cylinder should be overhauled, not tuned. A tune-up will not be successful without sufficient engine compression. Refer to the Compression Test in this section.
4. Since the spark plugs must be removed for the compression check, take the opportunity to inspect them thoroughly for signs of oil fouling, carbon fouling, damage due to detonation, etc. Clean and re-gap the plugs or, better yet, install new plugs as no amount of cleaning will precisely match the performance and life of new plugs. Refer to Spark Plugs, in this section.