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Engine Turns Over But Fails to Start

No fuel
Dirt in fuel line or filter
Fuel will not pass through fuel valve
Fuel pump inoperative/restricted
Tank vent plugged
Carb starter circuit
Engine flooded
Low compression (high cylinder leakage)
No spark (Spark plug fouled)

Engine Does Not Turn Over

Dead battery
Starter motor does not turn
Engine seized, rusted, or mechanical failure
Recoil components damaged

Engine Runs But Will Not Idle

Restricted carburetor pilot system
Carburetor misadjusted
Choke not adjusted properly
Low compression
Crankcase breather restricted
Air filter restriction

Engine Idles But Will Not Rev Up

Spark plug fouled/weak spark
Broken throttle cable
Obstruction in air intake
Air box removed (reinstall all intake components)
Incorrect or restricted carburetor jetting
ETC switch limiting speed
Reverse speed limiter limiting speed
Carburetor vacuum slide sticking/diaphragm damaged
Incorrect ignition timing
Restricted exhaust system
Cam Lobe worn

Engine Has Low Power

Spark plug fouled
Cylinder, piston, ring, or valve wear or damage (check compression)
PVT not operating properly
Restricted exhaust muffler
Carburetor vacuum slide sticking/diaphragm damaged
Dirty carburetor
Cam lobe worn

Piston Failure - Scoring

Lack of lubrication
Dirt entering engine through cracks in air filter or ducts
Engine oil dirty or contaminated

Excessive Smoke and Carbon Buildup

Excessive piston-to-cylinder clearance
Worn rings, piston, or cylinder
Worn valves, guides or seals
Restricted breather
Air filter dirty or contaminated

Low Compression

Decompressor stuck
Cylinder head gasket leak
No valve clearance or incorrectly adjusted
Cylinder or piston worn
Piston rings worn, leaking, broken, or sticking
Bent valve or stuck valve
Valve spring broken or weak
Valve not seating properly (bent or carbon accumulated on valve area)
Rocker arm sticking


ETC or speed limiter system malfunction
Fouled spark plug or incorrect plug or plug gap
Carburetion faulty - lean condition
Intake / Exhaust system air leaks
Ignition system faulty:
Spark plug cap cracked/broken
Ignition coil faulty
Ignition or kill switch circuit faulty
Ignition timing incorrect
Sheared flywheel key
Poor connections in ignition system
System wiring wet
Cam lobe worn or Valve sticking
Lean condition

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