1963-1973 MerCruiser Repair Manual Engines & Drives

1974-1977 MerCruiser Repair Manual Engines & Drives

1978-1984 MerCruiser Repair Manual 4-Cylinder L6 & V8

1978-1982 MerCruiser Repair Manual Sterndrives MCM 120 thru 260   

1978-1993 MerCruiser Repair Manual TR & TRS Sterndrive Units

1983-1990 MerCruiser Repair Manual R/MR Alpha One/SS Sterndrive

1983-1993 MerCruiser Repair Manual 6 Cylinder

1985-1988 MerCruiser Repair Manual V8 305 350 454 482 540 

1985-1989 MerCruiser Repair Manual 4 Cylinder (additional 85-89 4 cyl models below)

1985-1989 MerCruiser Repair Manual 4 Cylinder (additional 85-89 4 cyl models above)

1988-1998 MerCruiser Repair Manual Bravo Sterndrives

1989-1992 MerCruiser Repair Manual V8 Engines

1990-1997 MerCruiser Repair Manual 3.0L/3.0LX

1991-2001 MerCruiser Repair Manual Sterndrive Alpha One Gen II

1993-1997 MerCruiser Repair Manual 4.3L V6 

1993-1997 MerCruiser Repair Manual V8 5.0L/5.7L

1993-1997 MerCruiser Repair Manual V8 454 & 502

1997-2002 MerCruiser Repair Manual D2.8L & D4.2L Diesel

1998-2001 MerCruiser Repair Manual V6 4.3L 263 CID

1998-2001 MerCruiser Repair Manual 5.0L 5.7L 6.2L

1998-2001 MerCruiser Repair Manual 454 & 502 7.4L/8.2L

1998-2002 MerCruiser Repair Manual D7.3L V8 Diesel

1998-2003 MerCruiser Repair Manual 3.0L

2000-2008 MerCruiser Repair Manual D1.7L DTI

2000-2005 MerCruiser Repair Manual Bravo & Sport Master Sterndrives

2000-2008 MerCruiser Repair Manual 496 CID / 8.1L 

2001-2006 MerCruiser Repair Manual 5.0L 5.7L 6.2L

2001-2008 MerCruiser Repair Manual 4.3L MPI

NOTE: Not all models listed below, see links for additional MerCruiser Models

Mercruiser GM V8 454 cid 7.4L 502 cid 8.2L Service Manual

Service Manual Application: Gen. VI Engines Sterndrive (MCM) Models: MCM 454 Mag MPI (Serial Number 0L010029 & Up), MCM 502 Mag MPI (Serial Number 0L017000 & Up). Inboard (MIE) Models: MIE 454 Mag MPI Horizon (Serial Number 0L002200 & Up), MIE 8.2L MPI (Serial Number 0L002450 & Up). L-29 Engines - Sterndrive (MCM) Model: MCM 7.4L MPI (Serial Number 0L010003 & Up). Inboard (MIE) Model: MIE 7.4L MPI (Serial Number 0L002006 & Up).

Mercury Mercruiser 496 Mag HO 8.1S Horizon HO Service Manual

Service Manual Application: Sterndrive (MCM) Models: 496 Mag HO (Serial Number 0M000000 & Up), 496 Mag (Serial Number 0M000000 & Up), Inboard (MIE) Models, 8.1S HO (Serial Number 0M000000 & Up), 8.1S Horizon (Serial Number 0M000000 & Up)

Mercury Mercruiser 4.3L MPI Alpha and Bravo Service Manual

Service Manual Application: 4.3 liter (262 cid) Sterndrive (MCM), 4.3L MPI Alpha and Bravo (Serial Number 0M300000 and Above)

1990-1997 MerCruiser Mercury 3.0L & 3.0LX Inboard Engine Manual 

Service Manual Applications: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 MerCruiser GM 3.0L 4-Cylinder Engine, 3.0L/3.0LX Inboard Engine with DDIS & EST Ignition. Models Covered In This Manual :MODEL SERIAL NUMBER MCM 3.0L OC856451 And Above, MCM 3.0L /3.0LX OC868143 And Above.

1985-1989 Mercruiser Manual #8 Mercury Marine 4 Cylinder Engines
MCM 170 MR Serial Numbers / 6916779 to 0A475151 MCM 170 Alpha One / Serial Numbers 0A475152 to 0B434940 MCM 165 Alpha One / Serial Numbers 0B424941 to 0B774251 MCM 3.7L Alpha One / Serial Numbers0B774252 and Above MCM 190 MR / Serial Numbers 6917368 to 0A475551 MCM 190 Alpha One / Serial Numbers 0A475552 to 0B436390 MCM 180 Alpha One / Serial Numbers 0B436391 to 0B775248 MCM 3.7 Liter LX Alpha One / Serial Numbers 0B775249 and Above
1998-2006 MerCruiser Mercury 3.0L Inboard Engine Service Manual

Service Repair Manual Application: GM 181 cid 4-Cylinder MCM 3.0L Alpha OL01004 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 with Model Serial Number OL010042 and Above.

1998-2006 Mercury Mercruiser Manual 305 CID 5.0L 350 CID 5.7L

Service Repair Manual Year Application: 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 305 CID (5.0L) / 350 CID (5.7L) Boat motor engine.

1985-1988 Mercruiser GM V8 ENGINES 305-350-454-482-540 CID Manual


ENGINES 305-350-454-482-540
MCM 200 5.0L MCM 230 5.0L MCM 230 TR 5.0L MCM 260 5.7L MCM 260 TR 5.7L MCM 350 MAGNUM SRX 5.7L MCM 454 MAGNUM SRX 7.4L SRX 7.4L-H MCM 330 B/W MIE 230 MIE 260 MIE 340 5M7 SKI MCM 300 TEMPEST MCM 320 EFI MCM 370 MCM 400 MCM 420 MCM 440 MCM 460 MCM 575


1978-1982 MerCruiser Manual Stern Drive Units MCM 120 To 260

MODELS COVERED IN THIS MANUAL: Transom Assemblies MCM 120/ 140/ 165/ 470/ 485/ 898/228/260 With Serial Numbers 4891650 To 6216686 ..... MCM 120-260 Stern Drive Units Ratio 1.98:1 - Serial Numbers - 4893635 to 6237860 / 1.84:1 - Serial Numbers - 4893835 to 6225576 / 1.65:1 - Serial Numbers - 4890460 to 6268064 / 1.50:1 - Serial Numbers - 4898730 to 6229157 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982
2001-2006 Mercury MerCruiser 5.0L, 5.7L, 6.2L Service Manual

Service Manual Applications: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 Mercury MerCruiser 5.0L, 5.7L, 6.2L MPI Gasoline Multiport Injection Engine. Service Manual #31 Part Number 90-864260. Exact model application: Models Application: Sterndrive (MCM) starting with serial number OM300000 and above, 5.0L MPI Alpha and Bravo, 350 MAG MPI Alpha and Bravo, 350 MAG MPI Alpha and Bravo Horizon, MX 6.2 MPI, MX 6.2 MPI Horizon, Inboard and Dow Sports (MIE) starting with serial number OM310000, 350 MAG MPI Inboard, 350 MAG MPI Horizon Inboard, MX 6.2 MPI Inboard, MX 6.2 MPI Horizon Inboard and 350 MAG MPI Tow Sports.

1983-1990 MerCruiser R MR Alpha One & Alpha SS Sterndrive Manual

Service Manual Application: 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 MerCruiser #6 Service Manual for Sterndrive Units R-MR-Alpha One & Alpha One SS, MC 120R/140B/185R/488R/898R/228R/260R Serieal Number - 6216687 6849289, MC 120MR/140MR/170MR/185MR/190MR/200MR/230MR/260MR/300 Tempest MR Serieal Number - 6849290 0A471374, MC Alpha One/Alpha One SS Serieal Number 0A471375 and Above.

1988-1998 MerCruiser Bravo Sterndrives Service Manual Sterndrive

Service Manual Application: 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 & 1998 MerCruiser #11 Bravo MerCruiser Sterndrive Manual, Bravo One Sterndrive Unit Serial # B664190 and Above, Bravo Two Sterndrive Unit Serial # B892613 and Above, Bravo Three Sterndrive Unit Serial # D763691 and Above, Bravo Transom Assembly (Standard) Serial # * B673048 and Above, Bravo Transom Assembly (High Performance) Serial # D796083 and Above, Bravo Transom Assembly (Magnum) Serial # K104738 and Above. Some Standard Bravo Transom Assemblies could have been converted to High Performance Transom Assemblies by use of a High Performance Gimbal Ring Kit (822374A2). Refer to Transom Assembly sections of this manual for identification information.

1991 2007 MerCruiser ALPHA 1 Gen 2 Sterndrive Service Manual

Service Manual Application: Mercury Mercruiser Service Manual #14 (#-14, Number 14) 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007 Alpha 1 Generations II (Gen 2, Gen II, Gen Two) Outdrive, Sterndrive (Stern Drive) Unit.

Mercury Mercruiser Bravo + Sport Master Service Repair Manual

Service Manual Application: All Bravo Models (Serial Number 0M100000 and Above) + Sport Master Models (Serial Number 0M052945 and Above).

Mercury Mercruiser Bravo One,Two,Three + Transom Service Manual

Service Manual Application: Bravo One, Bravo One X, Bravo One X Diesel, (Serial Number 0M198373 and Above). Bravo One XR (Serial Number 0W240000 and Above). Bravo Two, Bravo Two X, Bravo Two X Diesel, Bravo Three, Bravo Three X, Bravo Three X Diesel (Serial Number 0M198373 and Above). Bravo Three XR (Serial Number 0W240000 and Above). Transom Standard (Serial Number 0W173658 and Above) Transom High Performance(Serial Number 0W150260 and Above)

Mercury Mercruiser D1.7L DTI Service Repair Manual

Service Manual Application: D1.7L DTI ( Serial Number OM055001 and Above)

Mercury Mercruiser In-ine Diesel D2.8L D4.2L D-Tronic Manual

Service Manual Applicaiton: Sterndrive (MCM) Models: D2.8L D-Tronic (Serial Number 0K000001 and Above), D4.2L D-Tronic (Serial Number 0K000001 and Above). Inboard (MIE) Models: D2.8L D-Tronic (Serial Number 0K000001 and Above), D4.2L D-Tronic (Serial Number 0K000001 and Above).


1983-1993 Mercruiser Mercury GM 6-Cylinder Engines
This manual only covers Engine Repair and does not cover stern drive unit repair or transom assembly.
MCM 185R 229 CID (3.8L) - Serial Numbers 6289593 to 6919655
MCM 185MR 262 CID (4.3L) - Serial Numbers 6919656 to OA483580
MCM 185 Alpha One - Serial Numbers OA483581 to OB455459
MCM 175 Alpha One - Serial Numbers OB455460 to OB773242
MCM 4.3 Liter Alpha One - Serial Numbers OB773243 to OF000000
Sea Ray (Note 1) 4.3L - 2 Alpha One - Serial Numbers  OB785483 to B921276
MCM 205 MR - Serial Numbers 6919687 to OA483776
MCM 205 Alpha One - Serial Numbers OA483777 to OB775129
MCM 4.3 Liter LX Alpha One - Serial Numbers OB775130 to OF000000
Sea Ray (Note 1) 4.3L - 4 Alpha One - Serial Numbers OB785981 to B922330
Note 1: Sea Ray to MerCruiser cross references are;
4.3L-2 same as MCM 4.3L
4.3L-4 same as MCM 4.3L LX
1985-1989 Mercruiser Mercury 4-Cylinder Engines Manual #10
MCM 120MR - Serial Numbers 6853914 to 0A492055
MCM 120 Alpha 1 - Serial Numbers 0A492056 to 0B531853
MCM 2.5L - Serial Numbers 0C856450 and Above
MCM 140 MR - Serial Numbers 6852270 to 0A484072
MCM 140 Alpha 1 - Serial Numbers 0A484073 to 0B450800
MCM 3.0L - Serial Numbers 0C856450 and Above
Sea Ray 3.0L - Serial Numbers 0B787205 to B917530
MCM 2.5L Same as MCM 120
MCM 3.0L
Sea Ray 3.0L Same as MCM 140 (Later Models are rated at 130HP and have 9.2:1 Compression Ratio)


These manuals contains an introductory description on and procedures for the inspection, service and overhaul of its main components. General knowledge information is not included. Please read the GENERAL INFORMATION section to familiarize yourself with basic information concerning the inboard engine or stern drive. Read and refer to the other sections in this manual for information regarding proper inspection and service procedures.

• These manuals have been prepared using the latest information available at the time of publication. If a modification has been made since then, differences may exist between the content of these manuals and the actual inboard or stern drive.

• Illustrations in these manuals are used to show the basic principles of operation and work procedures.

• These manuals are intended for use by technicians who already possess the basic knowledge and skills to service inboard or stern drive motors and components. Persons without such knowledge and skills should attempt with caution to service any component or engine by relying on this manual only. Never attempt to perform any work with out the assistance of a service manual.

Apprentice mechanics or do-it-yourself mechanics that don’t have the proper tools and equipment may or may not be able to properly perform the services described in this manual. Improper repair may result in injury to the mechanic and may render the engine unsafe for the boat operator and passengers.

Maintenance Schedules

NOTE: Only perform maintenance which applies to your particular power package.

Maintenance Intervals

Maintenance intervals and the corresponding tasks to be performed, as shown in this current schedule or as found in a previously printed schedule, are generally based on an average boating application and environment. However, individual operating habits and personal maintenance preferences can have an impact on the suggested intervals. In consideration of these factors, Mercury MerCruiser has adjusted some maintenance intervals and the corresponding tasks to be performed. In some cases, this may allow for more individual tasks in a single visit to the servicing dealer. Therefore, it is very important that the boat owner and the servicing dealer discuss the current Maintenance Schedule and develop appropriate maintenance intervals to coincide with the individual operating habits, the environment and the maintenance requirements.

Routine Maintenance

Check the crankcase oil (interval can be extended based on experience). If operating in salt, brackish or polluted waters, flush the cooling system after each use.
Check the drive unit oil level, the trim pump oil level and the power steering pump fluid level.
Check the water inlets for debris or marine growth.
Check the seawater strainer and clean.
Check the coolant level.
Inspect the drive unit anodes and replace if 50 percent eroded. 
Lubricate the propeller shaft and retorque the nut (if operating in only freshwater, this maintenance may be extended to every four months).
Operating in Saltwater Only: treat the engine surface with corrosion guard. 
Check the battery connections and the fluid level. 
Ensure that the gauges and the wiring connections are secure. Clean the gauges.

Scheduled Maintenance

Touch-up paint the power package and spray with corrosion guard.
Change the crankcase oil and filter. 
Change the drive unit oil and retorque the connection of the gimbal ring to the steering shaft.
Replace the fuel filters.
Check the steering system and the remote control for loose, missing or damaged parts. Lubricate the cables and the linkages.
Inspect the U-joints, the splines and the bellows. Check the clamps. Check the engine alignment. Lubricate the U-joint splines.
Lubricate the gimbal bearing and the engine coupler.
Check the continuity circuit for loose or damaged connections.
Test the MerCathode unit output on Bravo Models.
Retorque the engine mounts. 
Check the spark plugs, the wires and the distributor cap. 
Clean the flame arrestor and the crankcase ventilation hoses. Replace the PCV valve.
Check the electrical system for loose, damaged or corroded fasteners.
Inspect the condition and the tension of the belts. 
Check the cooling system and exhaust system hose clamps for tightness. Inspect both systems for damage or leaks.
Disassemble and inspect the seawater pump and replace worn components.
Clean the seawater section of the closed cooling system. Clean, inspect and test the pressure cap.
Replace the coolant.

Crankcase Oil

To help obtain optimum engine performance and to provide maximum protection, we strongly recommend the use of Quicksilver 4-Cycle 25W-40 Marine Engine Oil. This oil is a special blend of 25-weight and 40-weight oils for marine engines. If not available, a good grade, straight weight, detergent automotive oil of the correct viscosity, with an API classification of SH, CF/CF-2, may be used.
In those areas where Quicksilver 4-Cycle 25W-40 Marine Engine Oil or a recommended straight weight oil are not available, a multi-viscosity 20W-40 or, as a second but less preferable choice, 20W-50, with API service ratings of SH, CF/CF-2 may be used.

IMPORTANT: The use of non-detergent oils, multi-viscosity oils (other than Quicksilver 25W-40 or a good quality 20W-40 or 20W-50), synthetic oils, low quality oils or oils that contain solid additives are specifically not recommended.

The chart below is a guide to crankcase oil selection. The oil filter should always be changed when changing the engine oil.

Used Spark Plug Analysis

Spark plug condition can suggest a variety of possible engine malfunctions and indicate needed engine repairs. When the old plugs are replaced, replace the entire set. Perform plug service only on those plugs suitable for additional service, using the following procedures:

1. Remove any oil deposits with solvent and dry plugs thoroughly.
2. Open the electrode gap wide enough to permit cleaning and filing.
3. Remove the combustion deposits from the firing end of the spark plug with a plug cleaner. Use compressed air to remove abrasives.
4. File the electrode surfaces to restore clean, sharp edges. Remove filings with compressed air.
5. Reset the gap to specifications by bending only the side electrode with the proper tool.

Normal Condition

Few deposits are present and probably will be light tan or gray in color. This plug shows that the plug heat range is compatible with the engine, and the engine is electrically and mechanically in good running condition. With proper plug servicing (clean, file and regap), this plug can be reinstalled with good results.

Wet Fouling (Oil Deposits)

The plug becomes shorted by excessive oil entering the combustion chamber, usually in the engine with many hours of operation. Worn piston rings, cylinder walls, valve guides or valve stem seals are causes of oil entering the combustion chamber. Only engine repairs will permanently relieve oil wet fouling.

IMPORTANT: New engines or recently overhauled engines may wet foul the plugs before normal oil control is achieved with proper break-in procedures. Such fouled plugs may be serviced (clean, file and regap) and reinstalled.


Poor Boat Performance And/Or Poor Maneuverability
Improper Full Throttle Engine RPM
Engine Cranks Over But Will Not Start Or Starts Hard
Engine Will Not Crank Over
Charging System Inoperative
Noisy Alternator
Instrumentation Malfunction
Radio Noise
Poor Fuel Economy
Engine Runs Poorly at Idle
Engine Runs Poorly At High RPM
Engine Acceleration Is Poor
Troubleshooting with Vacuum Gauge
Engine Noise
Oil Pressure
Excessive Oil Consumption
Water In Engine
Engine Overheats (Mechanical)
Power Steering
Drain System Will Not Drain Or Drains Slowly

1.0 Improper drive unit trim angle
1.0 Trim the drive to the appropriate angle.
1.1 Improper weight distribution
1.1 Distribute the weight evenly.
1.2 The boat is underpowered
1.2 Replace propeller. If the problem persists, contact the manufacturer regarding the correct power package.
1.3 Permanent or power hook in the boat bottom
1.3 Correct the boat bottom.
1.4 False bottom full of water 1.4 Siphon the water from the false bottom. Determine the cause of the excess water.
1.5 Improperly adjusted trim tabs or after planes
1.5 Adjust the trim tabs or after planes
1.6 Dirty boat bottom (marine growth)

3.0 Dirty or rough boat bottom 3.0 Clean the boat bottom.
3.1 Damaged propeller; pitch too small; diameter too small
3.1 Replace the propeller.
3.2 Water pickup or through the hull fittings located too close to the propeller
3.2 Remove the water pickup or the through the hull fittings. Repair the hull. Reinstall the water pickup or the through the ull fittings in the proper locations.

1. Full throttle engine rpm too high
1.0 Propeller damaged, pitch too low, diameter too small, propeller hub slipping
1.0 Replace the propeller.
1.1 Water pickup or through the hull fittings mounted too close to the propeller (ventilation)
1.1 Remove the water pickup or through the hull fittings. Repair the hull. Reinstall the water pickup or the through the hull fittings in the proper locations.
1.2 Drive unit trimmed out too far
1.2 Trim the drive unit to the appropriate angle.
1.3 Keel located too close to the propeller and/or too deep in the water
1.3 Repair the hull.
1.4 Drive installed too high on the transom
1.4 Remove the drive unit. Repair the transom. Reinstall the drive unit in the proper position.
1.5 Wrong gear ratio drive unit
1.5 Replace the drive unit with the appropriate gear ratio.

1. Engine cranks over but will not start or starts hard
1.0 Clogged flame arrestor 1.0 Clean the flame arrestor.
1.1 Excessive fuel pump pressure 1.1 Determine the cause of the excess pressure and repair.
1.2 Empty fuel tank 1.2 Fill the fuel tank.
1.3 Fuel shut off valve closed 1.3 Open the fuel shut off valve.
1.4 Vapor lock 1.4 Refer to Vapor Lock Condition.
1.5 Fuel system lean 1.5 Clean fuel system.
1.6 Low grade or stale fuel 1.6 Drain the fuel tank and refill.
1.7 Water in fuel
1.7 Treat the contaminated fuel with appropriate fuel treatment. If the problem persists, drain the fuel tank and refill.

1. Engine will not crank over.
1.0 Remote control lever not in neutral position
1.0 Place the remote control lever in NEUTRAL and try the ignition again. If the problem persists, check the remote control level NEUTRAL detent setting.
1.1 Battery charge low, damaged wiring, loose electrical connections
1.1 Check the electrical connections at the starter. Check the battery cable connections. Check the battery charge and recharge if necessary.
1.2 Circuit breaker tripped
1.2 Reset the circuit breaker.
1.3 Blown fuse
1.3 Replace the fuse.
1.4 Ignition switch faulty
1.4 Replace the ignition switch.
1.5 Slave solenoid faulty
1.5 Replace the slave solenoid.

1. Charging system inoperative
1.0 Loose or broken drive belt
1.0 Replace the serpentine drive belt.
1.1 Engine rpm too low on initial start
1.1 Accelerate the engine to 1500 rpm.
1.2 Loose or corroded electrical connections
1.2 Check the electrical connections.

1. Noisy alternator
1.0 Loose mounting bolts
1.0 Tighten the mounting bolts.
1.1 Drive belt
1.1 Replace the serpentine drive belt.
1.2 Loose drive pulley
1.2 Tighten the pulley.

1. Instrumentation Malfunction
1.0 Faulty wiring, loose or corroded terminals
1.0 Check the electrical connections.
1.1 Faulty key switch
1.1 Replace the key switch.

1. A popping noise that will increase with engine rpm. Noise will stop as soon as engine is turned off.
1.0 Wrong spark plugs
1.0 Change the spark plugs.
1.1 Cracked distributor cap 1.1 Check the distributor cap for cracks or marks. Replace the cap if necessary.
1.2 Cracked coil tower
1.2 Check the ignition coil for cracks or corrosion.

1.0 Poor fuel economy
1.0 Fuel leak
1.0 Locate the leak and repair.
1.1 Operator habits - Prolonged idling, slow acceleration, failure to cut back on throttle once boat is on plane, boat overloaded, uneven weight distribution
1.1 Educate the operator.
1.2 Engine laboring - Bent, damaged or wrong propeller
1.2 Water test the boat for proper operating rpm at WOT.
1.3 Clogged flame arrestor
1.3 Clean the flame arrestor.
1.4 Engine compartment sealed too tight
1.4 Vent the engine hatch appropriately.
1.5 Boat bottom dirty (marine growth), hook, rocker
1.5 Clean the boat bottom.
1.6 Improper fuel 1.6 Drain the fuel tank and refill with the correct fuel.
1.7 Crankcase ventilation system clogged or dirty
1.7 Clean the crankcase ventilation hoses.
1.8 Engine needs tune-up
1.8 Change the spark plugs.

1. Engine surges 1.0 Leaking idle air control (IAC), intake manifold or throttle body gaskets
1.0 Find and replace the leaking gaskets.
1.1 Throttle valves worn or damaged
1.1 Inspect the throttle valves. Replace the throttle body if necessary.
1.2 Worn or leaking IAC hose or vacuum hose to the pressure regulator
1.2 Find and replace the leaking hose.
2. Low top speed or lack of power
2.0 Leaking idle air control (IAC), intake manifold or throttle body gaskets
2.0 Find and replace the leaking gaskets.
3. Poor cold engine operation
3.0 Engine is not reaching normal operating temperature
3.0 Replace thermostat or thermostat housing gasket.
3.1 Faulty engine temperature sensor (ECT)
3.1 Replace the ECT.
3.2. Fuel PSI too high or too low 3.2 Determine the cause and repair.
3.3 Throttle valves worn or damaged
3.3 Inspect the throttle valves. Replace the throttle body if necessary.
3.4 Engine flooding
3.4 Check the fuel pressure. If too high, find cause and correct. Clean the flame arrestor. Perform the cylinder balance test.
4. Engine stalls
4.0 Idle rpm too low
4.0 Clean the flame arrestor. Test the IAC to see if it opens and closes properly.
4.1 Engine flooding
4.1 Check the fuel pressure. If too high, find cause and correct. Inspect the fuel pressure regulator. Inspect the injectors.
4.2 Leaking idle air control (IAC), intake manifold or throttle body gaskets
4.2 Find and replace the leaking gaskets.
5.0 Engine misses
5.0 Fault in the ignition system
5.0 Check the spark plugs. Check the spark plug wires. Check the distributor cap for cracks or marks. Check the ignition coil operation. Replace the faulty component.

MerCruiser Service Manual, Mercury Repair Manaul, Outdrives, Out Drives, Outdrive, SternDrive Repair Guide, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, MC 120R-260R (MC 120-R, 260-R), MC 120 MR - 300 TEMPEST MR, MC ALPHA ONE / ALPHA ONE SS, Sea Ray Sterndrive Units and Transom Assembly (Oyster White), Sea Ray MerCruiser, 3.0L 3.0L Alpha One, 4.3L2 4.3L Alpha One, 4.3L4 4.3LX Alpha One, 5.7L 5.7L Alpha One, SRX 5.7L 350 Magnum Alpha One, SRX 7.4L 454 Magnum Alpha One, 120 Alpha One, 140 Alpha One, 170 Alpha One, 180 Alpha One, 190 Alpha One, 200 Alpha One, 230 Alpha One, 260 Alpha One, 300 (Tempest) Alpha One, 320 EFI Alpha One, 320 EFI Alpha One, 350 Magnum Alpha One, 454 Magnum, 454 Magnum Alpha One, 2.5 Litre Alpha One, 3.0 Litre Alpha One, 3.7 Litre Alpha One, 3.7 LX Alpha One, 4.3 Litre Alpha One, 4.3 LX Alpha One, 5.0 Litre Alpha One, 5.0 LX Alpha One S3, 5.7 Litre Alpha One Service Manual, Repair Manual, Repair Guide, Reference manaul, Mercrusier

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